Band of Adventurers

Name Race Class Concept / Theme
Ashlee Rajaa Half-Elf (F) Slayer Longspear wielding Townguard of Sandpoint.
Hillie Danyelle Human (F) Brawler Bouncer and resident of the Rusty Dragon Inn.
James Droadon Forgesong Dwarf (M) Skald Traveling mistral.
Johann Vargus Stormforge Human, Ulfen (M) Warpriest (Forgepriest) Weaponsmith and warrior-cleric of Torag.
Patrick Fane Teskarova & Zoi Human, Varisian (M) Arcanist (Unlettered Arcanist) Wandering Tattooed Meta-Specialist.

Rise of the Runelords

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