Character Creation

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Character Creation Bonuses & Restrictions

There are several incentives to help offset the class limitations.

1.) Character Sheet

2.) Ability Score
Point Buy system: 26 points

3.) Race: Select a Core Race.
Alternate racial traits can be discussed.

4.) Class: Select a Hybrid Class not chosen by another player.
You cannot take levels in any other class.
Note: Duplicate classes will be considered if design differs significantly.

5.) Skill Ranks

6.) Feats & Traits

  • Traits: Begin play with three traits, one of which has to be a Rise of the Runelords campaign trait.

7.) Hit Points: When determining hit points for levels 1 through 4, calculate at maximum value. For all subsequent levels, hit points will be rolled; 1’s will be re-rolled.

8.) Equipment

  • Starting Wealth: 1st level character starting wealth is calculated at maximum value.

Arcanist (2d6 x10 = 120 gp); Bloodrager, Brawler, Investigator, Shaman, Skald (3d6 x10 = 180 gp); Hunter (4d6 x10 = 240 gp); Slayer, Swashbuckler, Warpriest (5d6 x10 = 300 gp).

Special: Players with a rank in a craft skill can create a handful of corresponding items at 50% cost.

Character Creation

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