Rise of the Runelords

Local Heroes

Session #2 - Local Heroes

“As Sandpoint recovers from the attack and buries its (thankfully few) dead, the citizens do their best to get on with their lives. The cathedral is consecrated the next day during a much more subdued and indoor ceremony, but by the end of the week, the goblin attack is remembered mostly with chuckles. Now that the terror of the raid is over, images of goblins accidentally lighting themselves on fire, getting stepped on by horses, or drowning in half-full rain barrels color memories of the raid in an almost comical light. But one thing the locals haven’t forgotten is their new heroes.”

Short Bio First Impressions
Fane Human (M); hmm?

Attendance: Danyelle, Droadon, Fane?, Rajaa, Vargus (+0 xp/ea.)


BeaumontRoss BeaumontRoss

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